Tunnel Breakdown
Wirral & Liverpool

Once your vehicle is in a safe place – call J.P. Recovery Services immediately.

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If you break down in the tunnel, the space available to stop is likely to be restricted. This means that you may pose a hazard to other drivers as you may not be able to get your vehicle completely off the road. If you break down in a road tunnel you should follow these rules.

  • Put your hazard lights on as soon as you notice the problem.
  • Pull over to the side of the road as far as you can and stop Pull into a lay-by, emergency lane or as far to the nearside as you can.
  • Turn off your engine.
  • You and your passengers should leave the vehicle and walk to a safe place, but take care with the passing traffic.
  • The safety refuge places are shown on our diagram below for both Queensway (Birkenhead) and Kingsway (Wallasey) Tunnels and are marked with a green man running sign. The safety refuges are all interlinked and are built below the road deck. Each refuge has a communications box which links to the Tunnels Police.
  • If you have entered any of the Tunnel safety refuges, as soon as the door opens, an alarm is triggered at Tunnel Police HQ on the first floor of George’s Dock Building in Liverpool. The screen in the communications box will be activated and a Police Officer will talk to you to give you help and advice. The Tunnel Police are fully trained in first aid and also fire fighting procedures.

Available 24/7

The Tunnel Police will tow your broken down vehicle out of the Tunnel to a safe place either on the Wirral or in Liverpool and there will be a charge to pay for this. At that point you need to telephone J.P. Recovery Services who can help get your vehicle to a garage.

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