Motorway Recovery
Wirral, Liverpool & Chester

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24/7 Assistance

We know that breaking down on a motorway can be one of the most stressful experiences. We are here 24/7 to give immediate assistance. Now there’s no need to panic or wonder how to get help.  We offer a quick response and quality service at a fair price. We cover the whole of the Merseyside, Wirral and Cheshire areas and we are close to the Motorway network.

The network of motorways we cover for Motorway Recovery include the following:

M6, M53, M56, M58, M60, M62.

Swift Action

Thanks to our prompt motorway breakdown recovery you don’t have to wait around for long. Avoid being left on the side of the motorway with help from our recovery experts, who transport you to a safe location straight away.

Caring For Our Customers

Gain peace of mind in knowing you are safe with our assistance. We prioritise vulnerable clients, especially if waiting on a hard shoulder. We put your safety first and always strive to exceed client expectations. Although we do not offer repairs, we are able to transport clients to any recommended garage.

What to do if You Break Down on the Motorway:

Try to pull over on to the hard shoulder and call us immediately.  If the hard shoulder has been converted to a traffic (“live”) lane, use the nearest emergency refuge area (ERA), motorway service area or try to leave at the next junction. If this is impossible, try to get your vehicle off the carriageway. Stay in the car, put your seatbelt on, and your hazard lights and call emergency services.  If your car is in the ‘live’ lane, you will need to call the Police to close the road to allow a safe recovery of your vehicle.

Road Works

If your vehicle breaks down in a road works section of the motorway, there will most likely be a free recovery service available. In this case, all you need to do is put on your hazard lights and wait for a recovery truck to come to your rescue.

A road works recovery service will take you to safety outside the road works to allow you to get an additional assistance or recovery. They will not tow you to home or a garage. We can recover your vehicle to the nearest garage or place of your choice.

If you are stuck in mud, a ditch or water, or have just lost traction, we can winch you out of trouble, get you back on the road or recover to a garage

Golden Rules for Motorway Breakdown

Exit the Vehicle on the Left

Once you have pulled over onto the hard shoulder, leave the vehicle by the left-hand door – the passenger side – so that you’re not at risk of oncoming traffic. Make sure your passengers do the same, and that they keep well away from the carriageway. Put the hazard lights on, and, if it’s dark, put your side lights on too. If it’s foggy, put the fog lights on. Generally, if you can’t see for more than 100 metres, the visibility is poor and that’s when your fog lights should be used. Your aim is to make the vehicle as visible as possible, especially to other motorists. Don’t put a warning triangle behind the car.

No mobile phone? Use the emergency phone

If your mobile phone isn’t working, you will need to use an emergency telephone. These are located at one-mile intervals along the hard shoulder and are easy to identify because they’re in bright orange boxes. Walk forwards, facing the oncoming traffic and follow the arrows on the posts at the back of the hard shoulder. The emergency telephone is free of charge and connects directly to the Highways Agency or the Police.

Rejoining the carriageway

If your vehicle has been started again and the fault fixed, re-join the carriageway carefully. Be patient and wait for a safe gap in the traffic. If possible, use the hard shoulder to build up speed so you’re entering the carriageway with some momentum rather than slowly. Ideally, you’ll rejoin the carriageway when the traffic volume is low.

Call us for breakdown help

You should then call us for breakdown help. Try to stay calm while you wait for our help and support to arrive. Call us on 07393313638.

Returning to your vehicle

Once the call is made, walk back to your vehicle and wait. Stay well away from the carriageway and hard shoulder. If you have reason to feel at risk from another person at this time, get into the vehicle – from the left-hand side – and lock all the doors.

Leave pets in the vehicle

The Highway Code advises that pets should be left in the vehicle in a breakdown situation, to keep them safe. If it is an emergency situation with risk of fire, take them out but make sure they are kept under control at all times.
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